(PAWS) Promotion of Animal Welfare Society provides services for thousands of pets each year with the combination of spays and neuters, vaccinations, dental and medical treatments.

PAWS is dedicated to helping the pets of those who can not always afford vet care upfront. PAWS maintains a clinic in Oroville offering low cost spay and neuter, regular vet services, vaccinations and offers easy payment plans without credit. No one is ever turned away due to financial issues. Animals are not forced to wait and suffer while their owners try to raise money for needed care or are forced to euthanize due to lack of money. PAWS cares too much for animals for that to happen.

PAWS exists on proceeds from the clinic, income from the PAWS Thrift Store and by the grace and generosity of donors. Please consider helping support PAWS on an ongoing basis by making a regular automated monthly donation.

PAWS was founded to help those most in need. Those pets of the elderly, disabled and lower income especially. PAWS is their lifeline to vet care that might be unaffordable otherwise.

To keep our clinic going and continue to do the valuable work that we do, we must depend on community donations and our fundraising events. You may donate to PAWS in several ways. You can make cash donations either one time or on an ongoing basis. You may donate merchandise to our fundraisers and to our PAWS Thrift Store. You may even consider bequeathing a gift of part or whole of your estate. All donations are fully tax deductible! PAWS is a registered 501(3)(c) charity. ID#68-193922

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