Why must my pet be spayed or neutered to receive your regular vet services?

PAWS believes that responsible spaying and neutering is crucial to alleviate suffering of animals. Thousands of animals are euthanized locally, millions nationally. PAWS insists on helping stop the overpopulation of homeless cats and dogs by preventing unwanted litters or 'accidental' pregnancies. We do not provide services to breeders, professional or 'backyard'. PAWS will be happy to arrange a spay or neuter so you may use our services.

What if I do not have the funds to pay for my pet's treatment?

PAWS is always willing to discuss payment options, flexible payment plans and subsidized care if needed. If you are homeless, low income, on disability/SSI retirement or just temporarily short  on funds please talk to us so we can get your pet the care they need.

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